French lessons in East London

‘Language is blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow’

Les Petits Bilingues de Newham is a French school based in Plaistow (East London). Our French lessons at Les Les Petits Bilingues de Newham are suited for beginners as well as intermediate level learners. Call us today for more information about our classes.


French tuition for young people

If you are planning to make your child learn a new language, get them to Les Petits Bilingues de Newham today. Our friendly and experienced teachers will help your child learn French at their own pace.

We also offer classes to intermediate learners. We provide individual attention to all our students, so you can be sure of quality tuition every single time.

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Why choose Les Petits Bilingues de Newham?

Quality French tuition

Classes scheduled around the student's ability level

We tutor students between 3-16 years of age

Friendly and professional tutor

10 years of experience

Expert French tuition in East London

The benefits of our school

Language learning play an essential role in the development of our brain. Therefore, being bilingual or multilingual is proven to improve cognitive skills transforming little language learners into real genies.
Learning one or more languages from a younger age is a gift that increases brain memory and in the long run result in more intelligent children and adults.

Not to mention the culture awareness and open mind ness that it contributes into enabling to travel all over the world without any language barrier.

Finally, excellent job opportunities and better career are more accessible for multilingual or bilingual qualified students.
Our aim here in les Petits Bilingues de Newham is to teach those future little genies to express themselves in more than one languages by being able to switch from one language to another with total ease!

If you want your children or yourself to acquire all these great advantages then Les Petits Bilingues de Newham is the right place for you …So don’t wait and join us now!